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Healthy 4 Life

A guideline from Weston A. Price for cooking and eating healthy, delicious, traditional whole foods.

Are you confused about what to eat?

Do you have trouble choosing foods to buy for your family, foods that will be both healthy and delicious? The Weston A. Price Foundation is happy to provide our Healthy 4 Life dietary guidelines as an alternative to the USDA Food Pyramid guidelines. If you try to follow the USDA dietary guidelines and food pyramid, you may end up eating too many carbohydrate foods and not enough healthy protein and fat. The USDA guidelines can result in your not eating enough of certain vitamins and minerals that you need to be healthy.

The Healthy 4 Life dietary guidelines are easy to follow -you do not need to count calories or servings to follow these guidelines - and they provide foods that are satisfying, delicious to eat and healthy for your whole family. More important than counting servings or calories is purchasing unprocessed foods of good quality. This means animal foods that come from animals allowed to graze outdoors on pasture; and grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables raised without chemical sprays.

Smoothie Recipes

"Shake" things up with your eating habits. The 'nutrients' you are missing out on can be hidden in one of these great tasting smoothies. Add Probiotic, Dynamic Greens, Glutamine, Fish Oil, Colloidal Silver, UltraClear plus Ph, or any other supplement to these smoothies to get your finicky eater the nutrients they need.

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