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Metagenix Wellness Essentials for Pregnancy is a once-daily nutritional support packet formulated to comprehensively promote the health of both mother and child.


1.  Daily Consumption of vitamins, minerals and purity-certified omega-3's

2.  Support reproductive health

3.  Promote a smooth pregnancy

4.  Enhances fetal brain development with choline and DHA

5.  Supports muscular relaxation and may prevent nocturnal leg muscle cramps with calcium and magnesium

6.  Supplies safe levels of vitamin A with precursor carotenoids

Click HERE for more nutritional information on Metagenix Wellness Essentials for Pregnancy.

Metagenix can be purchased at Pfaff Chiropractic!  For more information, please call 605-275-5757.

Sign-up using the form or call us at (605) 275-5757 to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

THIS ---->https://pfaffchiro.chiromatrixbase.com/pregnancy/pregnancy-and-supplementation.html

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